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Students will understand and apply the elements and principles of music across the core curriculum and in their daily lives. Students will build upon prior knowledge with an emphasis placed on singing, playing, moving, listening, and creative activities that build confidence and pride in their musical abilities.

Grade 3 English Language Arts courses are aligned to PA Core Standards which encompass reading and responding to fiction and nonfiction texts. Students are taught to be strategic readers and construct a written text-dependent analysis. Comprehension is emphasized and taught with a concentration on inferring, drawing conclusions, using context clues to derive meaning, and understanding figurative language. Additionally, students practice writing a variety of genres including narrative, informative, and persuasive writing opportunities. Students also receive weekly phonics through a spelling list (with a focus on root words, prefixes, and suffixes), grammar, and vocabulary instruction. Speaking and listening skills are practiced through discussions and oral presentations. Active listeners make meaning from what they hear by questioning, reflecting, responding, and evaluating. Differentiated instruction is provided through a variety of online and printed resources to meet the needs of students.